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You've spoken, and we've listened...and acted. After providing insights on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) focused on the frontier markets for 4 successful years as The Udaya Group, we've now morphed into a more focused platform - fdianalytics.com. Our goal is still the same - to provide the latest and accurate insights on FDI and corporate international expansions.      

We are continuing with our monthly newsletter to provide you with a snapshot of FDI and international expansion events over the last month. India reigned the FDI news territory with its aggressive policy reforms that included opening up of foreign investments into previously "guarded" sectors such as defense and aviation. Read more about it here. Vietnam, has been a hot-spot for FDI in consumer retail sector as more and more foreign companies deem this sector in the country to be lucrative. See South Korean E-Mart's investment into Vietnam here. Africa also saw continued FDI projects, albeit at a lower pace than seen 1-2 years back. See below on investment activities taking place in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa.

More insights are regularly being analyzed and added in our web portal which is available for FREE, so please continue to check at fdianalytics.com. Note that you can now filter your insights by country or sector. Enjoy!



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